Published on 10.04.2024

2024 Bee Pink® campaign by Pink Lady® Europe: let’s protect the bees in the orchard!

Bees, true allies in the orchards, are much more than mere foragers. Did you know that the weight, shape and number of pips in our apples depend on pollination by bees and other pollinating insects?

Pink Lady® is aware of the essential role they play, and therefore launched the Bee Pink® programme in 2018. The aim of this programme is to raise awareness and educate growers throughout the year about Bee Pink® best practices.

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Bee Pink® best practices

Haies du verger
  • Establishing and promoting dialogue with beekeepers
  • Planting and maintaining mixed hedges
  • Creating water points and protecting the quality of existing ones
  • Only intervening in the orchards when essential, and when bees are not active.

The project

The days dedicated to the Bee Pink® programme, in the company of farming and beekeeping experts, go beyond mere awareness raising. They highlight a deep commitment to preserving our agricultural ecosystem and its pollinators.

By recognising their fundamental role, Pink Lady® Europe is reaffirming its commitment to environmentally- and biodiversity-friendly agriculture.

Apiculteur s'occupant de ses abeilles
abeille qui butine

That is why we have entered into a partnership with FIBKA, The Federation of Irish Beekeepers’ Associations.

We can all play a part in this project: by preserving our bees, we also help preserve our orchards, and therefore protect our future.

This pollination season, receive regular updates from our partner beekeepers and try and win a demonstration by a beekeeper using an observation hive, for a primary school class!

Over to you!