The Pink Lady® Europe Foundation was created in August 2016, and aims to support entrepreneurial and collective projects initiated by women, or for the benefit of women, by promoting the creation of values and the sharing of know-how as well as social and cultural progress.


Such a committed approach was chosen in line with the brand values.


Every year, the Endowment Fund selects human-sized projects that correspond to its values and objectives with the help of a committee of experts.

Des Étoiles et des Femmes
Supporting and developing

The mission of the Des Étoiles et des Femmes (Stars and Women) project is to train, support and develop the employability of women from disadvantaged neighbourhoods through culinary excellence.

Why is the Pink Lady® Europe Endowment Fund supporting the project?
  • To support an associative project which focuses on the sharing of knowledge and skills, while aiming for access to employment.
  • To promote equal opportunities: by addressing high unemployment rates among women, particularly in disadvantaged neighbourhoods; and by acting against the under-representation of women in the gastronomy sector.
  • To establish links with culinary trades.
Programme actions
  • Training female apprentices by giving them access to the CAP cuisine (French vocational training certificate in culinary skills) or commis chef certificate.
  • Allowing women to perfect their skills with top chefs through enriching internships.
  • Providing individual socio-professional assistance to remove barriers to employment (transport, housing, childcare, etc.).
  • In addition to its contribution, Pink Lady® Europe offers members of the programme the opportunity to discover the orchards and trades of the networks.

Results that bring about change

90% CAP Cuisine (French vocational training certificate in culinary skills) success rate.
75% of graduates find a job within 6 months of training completion.
604 women have already received training.

The Pink Lady® Europe Endowment Fund provides financial support for the Marseille CAP Cuisine and Commis Chef training programmes.

Supporting and training

MICROFEL (fruit and vegetable-related micro-projects) is a humanitarian organisation working in the field of food production, to meet the food needs of vulnerable populations in Africa, particularly in the Vohipeno and Manakara areas, in southeastern Madagascar.

Why is the Pink Lady® Europe Endowment Fund supporting the project?
  • To support women from disadvantaged backgrounds in an entrepreneurial approach aimed at empowering them and allowing them to earn an income to meet their families’ basic needs.
  • To create a lasting impact on local communities.
  • To support a collective project based on shared values.
Programme actions
  • Setting up supervised training courses with boarding facilities, focusing on essential agricultural and food skills.
  • Learning to work the soil, make compost, cultivation techniques, etc.
  • Exploring small-scale animal husbandry, including shelter, care and feeding.
  • Acquisition of management/accounting skills.

Results that bring about change

The women who benefit from the scheme can look forward to relative financial independence in the long term.
Reinforced female authority based on post-training knowledge and exchanges.
These are very promising elements, which augur well for better adaptation to local situations, by ensuring the food autonomy of several hundred people.

The Pink Lady® Europe Endowment Fund provides financial support for MicroforJA, a micro-training programme for young women farmers.

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