Our growers are committed to adopting agro-ecological practices that respect the balance of nature, in order to reduce their impact on the environment.

The importance
of observation

The growers monitor the balance of their orchards on a daily basis, by observing and using tools to track hazardous weather, pest attacks and disease outbreaks.

on biodiversity

By letting grass grow between the rows of apple trees, maintaining fallow land, planting hedges or installing shelters, the growers create favourable conditions for the development of an auxiliary fauna.

The soil too!

Did you know? The soil is also full of life and contributes to the quality of our fruit.

By preserving grass, flowers as well as soil biological activity, we naturally nourish the soil and reduce the use of fertilisers.

nature-based solutions

To protect the orchard, the growers choose to use nature-based techniques:

Mating disruption to prevent pest reproduction

The use of clay to prevent the apples from getting sunburnt

Netting to protect against pests and bad weather

Any other use of organic or synthetic products is reduced to a minimum.

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