The Pink Lady® apple saw the light in 1973. Discover the story behind this apple and the unique people who grow it…


A particularly inspired Australian researcher, John Cripps, crosses a Golden Delicious with a Lady Williams : the Cripps Pink varietycpvr is born !


The first trees of the variety are planted in Europe in the South-East of France, then in the Loire Valley and the South-West.


Passionate nursery owners, growers and distributors come together within the Pink Lady® Europe association which organizes the network.

New Pink Lady® logo


Development of demanding specifications that define the premium quality of the variety, marketed under the Pink Lady® brand.


Italian and Spanish growers join the Pink Lady® adventure.


The PinKids® apple is marketed for the first time, to the delight of the youngest among us, in an effort to promote the entire production.


Creation of the Pink Lady® Foundation, which supports entrepreneurial projects led by women.


Pink Lady® launches its commitment charter, which integrates the 3 pillars of sustainable development (environmental, social and economic issues).

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