Pink Lady® Europe is a non-profit association that brings together men and women around shared values.

The collective
approach to the apple

The Pink Lady® Europe network includes:

10nursery owners

They produce the trees through natural selection and nursery breeding processes.

3145apple growers

They do sterling work all year round to produce a high quality apple.

82packing stations

They are in charge of selecting the fruit that will become Pink Lady® apples, as well as preserving and packaging them.

13certified distributors

They sell Pink Lady® apples in 50 countries.

shared values


Our growers, true craftsmen and women of a quality product, receive fair remuneration for their work.


The Association promotes the pooling of experience and know-how with a view to going forward hand in hand.


Best practices are collectively ensured by our members for a sustainable quality production.


Our unique model, which integrates economic, environmental and social issues, makes Pink Lady® apples the leading premium apples on all markets.

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