Pollinators, and bees in particular, are essential for pollinating apple blossom and turning it into fruit.

Essential allies
in the orchards

The lifespan of apple blossom varies from 2 to 10 days. The pollination period is therefore very short. Thanks to partnerships with beekeepers, the growers set up beehives in the orchards during the flowering period. That way, they can guarantee successful natural pollination, as well as the transformation of blossom into fruit.

The Bee Pink® programme

Aimed at all Pink Lady® growers, it includes awareness days as well as a guide combining technical knowledge, regulations and practical advice, the result of rigorous research and discussions with experts from the agricultural and beekeeping world.
Objective: 100% of Pink Lady® growers committed to a sustainable approach.

Key points to preserve bees
in the orchard all year round

The presence of domestic and wild bees has a positive influence on the weight, shape and number of seeds, in short, on the overall quality of the fruit!

PROVIDING FOOD AND SHELTERBees consume between 20 and 50 kg of pollen per year!
CREATING WATER POINTS AND PRESERVING THEIR QUALITYA colony of bees needs 8 litres of water per week at its busiest.
RESPECTING BEES ALL YEAR ROUNDBees are very present during the flowering period, but they can also be found in the orchards the rest of the year, day and night, especially wild bees!
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