Apple growers who guarantee quality

Every Pink Lady® apple grower is committed to the quality of their fruit.

Mains cueillant une pomme

An Excellence Approach

The Pink Lady® apple is the fruit of true craftsmanship on the part of our growers. Each phase, from pruning to harvesting is executed by hand to optimize the amount of sunlight, allowing the fruit to develop its full flavor.

Harvesting when ripe

The apple growers decide on the right time to harvest by taking samples of apples from the orchards.

By analyzing the sugar content, starch conversion, color and firmness of the fruit, growers can determine whether or not it has reached peak ripeness.

Pomme au soleil

Sustainable farming

Respectful of their land, Pink Lady® apple growers are committed to sustainable farming for purposes of maintaining biodiversity and protecting natural resources.

Independent inspection

To guarantee the quality of their fruit as well as best farming practices, fruit conservation and packing, producers call upon independent auditors.