Commitment charter
Pink Lady®

The Association Pink Lady® Europe is based on 4 pillars that have always been at its core: consumers, growers, growing areas and the environment.
From tree nurseries to the shipment of apples, the Pink Lady® Europe network is committed to doing everything in its power to guarantee a healthy and quality product resulting from sustainable production, for all.
Discover our 14 key commitments:


Improving our impact
on nature

1. Developing agro-ecological practices

Our growers are all certified via sustainable procedures and are committed to:

  • Developing and preserving biodiversity in the orchard.
  • Protecting pollinators (bees, bumblebees etc).
  • Always opting for natural protection methods.
  • Using decision support tools (weather station, modelling) to reduce interventions.
  • Being regularly controlled by independent organizations.
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2. Preserving natural resources thanks to:

  • Good irrigation management without waste in the orchard (sprinkling, drip, humidity control probes).
  • The optimization of water and energy consumption in packing stations (solar panels, low-consumption equipment etc).
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3. Eliminating single-use plastics

  • New 100% FSC cardboard packaging range.
  • Plant cellulose alveoli.
  • Compostable packaging film.
  • Development of compostable fruit stickers in progress.

4. Aiming for a carbon neutral sector by 2030 thanks to the adaptation of our practices (compensation, savings).


Supporting the sustainability
of farms

5. Maintaining a fair income for their work (98% of growers consider it satisfactory).

6. Improving the work environment of Pink Lady® network employees:

  • By creating a welcome charter for seasonal workers.
  • Via the certification of all growers and packing stations according to professional safety, health and ethics standards.

7. Developing R&D for an increasingly sustainable form of production:
creation of a PinkLAB work group which supports 10 innovation projects.

8. Fighting against food waste

  • Developing apple food processing sectors (juice, compote…).
  • Using new virtuous prospects for apples unfit for human consumption (compost, renewable energy).
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Growing areas

Acting towards local
economic and social development

9. Maintaining employment in our historical production areas: this concerns around 10 000 jobs in France, Italy and Spain.

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10. Giving priority to young growers who wish to get set up in order to guarantee the renewal of generations.

11. Facilitating relationships betweens local residents and Pink Lady® growers.


Cultivating a relationship
based on trust and proximity

12. Guaranteeing a healthy, natural and quality product by implementing agricultural best practices.

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13. Guaranteeing access to the origin of each lot by 2025.

14. Increasing the number of meeting points with growers (agricultural shows, orchard open days etc.).