Summer has arrived. In order for the Pink Lady® apple to develop all its tasteful characteristics, the apple grower must always be on the lookout.

They remove any damaged or deformed fruits, or if there be too many, so the fruits are evenly spread out over the tree and have enough space to grow bigger.

Did you know?

That tree sap provides nourishment to the apples. If a tree has too many fruits, the sap cannot make its way to the tips of the branches and not all apples can ripen properly.

Careful watering

During the fruit growth period, it is very important the tree be properly irrigated.

Thanks to data collected using ground sensors, the growerprecisely adjusts the wateringusing a drip system in order to provide solely the water and nutrients needed for the tree to grow harmoniously, without any waste.

Leaf pruning

At the end of the summer or beginning of autumn, the producer can also manually strip the leaves by delicately removing any excess foliage to guarantee the apples get maximal sunlight.

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