Pink Lady®, a unique apple

Pink Lady® apples have good qualities in great quantities


In Australia in 1973, the inspired researcher John Cripps had the delectable idea of naturally crossing a Golden Delicious with a Lady Williams. This alliance led to the creation of a new variety, the Cripps Pink. Pink Lady® apples are the selection of the best apples of that variety. Discover the Pink Lady® adventure.

A unique apple

  • A heart-shaped sticker
    guaranteeing quality and authenticity
  • An inimitable
  • A special
    round shape
  • The right balance
    between sweetness and tartness
  • A crunchy, juicy
  • It has exceptional aromatic
    richness offering a great diversity of flavours: honey, vanilla, spices, rose, etc. Discover the flavour wheel.

Linked to health and well-being

Enjoying good food is important.However, if you can link culinary pleasure with health and well-being so much the better. The Pink Lady® apple is not just a taste sensation – it is also packed with vitality and remarkable nutritional assets. Here is a detailed review of the delicious treat you can tuck into without restraint:

  • VITAMIN C 4% of an apple is made up of vitamins and minerals, and it provides ¼ of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C.
    • Radiant complexion
    • Strengthened immune defences
  • ANTIOXYDANTS: they limit ageing I cells and reduce the permeability of blood vessels.
    • Younger fresher-looking skin
    • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
  • WATER: Pink Lady®  apples have an 80% water content.
    • Optimal hydration
    • Elimination of toxins
  • FIBRES: pectin, one of the fibres in an apple, improves the quality of gut flora.
    • Increased intestinal comfort
    • Reduces levels of cholesterol

How best to enjoy Pink Lady® apples?

With the skin!

To enjoy the full benefits of Pink Lady® apples, do not peel them. The skin holds four to six times more vitamin C than the flesh.

By chewing well

High quantities of digestive juices act as a natural appetite suppressant.

Fun fact!

Pink Lady®  contains 10% of slow-release carbs and a higher level of fructose than average.It supplies energy amounting to 54 Kcal / 100g.

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