The Pink Lady® Saga

In 1973, the Pink Lady® was born. Discover the history of this apple and the unique people who grow it.

  • 1973 A particularly inspired Australian researcher, John Cripps, dreams up a natural crossbreed between a Golden Delicious and a Lady Williams: the Pink Lady® is born!
  • 1994
    The first Pink Lady® trees are planted in Europe, in southeastern France. Planting continues in the Loire Valley, the southwest and, finally, in Italy and Spain.
  • 1997 Passionate nurseries, growers and distributors come together within the Pink Lady® Europe association, which organizes the industry.
  • 1998 1998: An apple grower gives his sweetheart a bouquet of roses crowned with a Pink Lady®: it becomes the apple for Valentine’s Day and takes on a heart-shaped logo.
  • 1999 The Pink Lady® is exported throughout Europe.
  • 2001 The Pink Lady® hits TV screens for the first time.
    Watch all of our Pink Lady® commercials here!
  • 2005 Over 8,000 people work directly or indirectly in the Pink Lady® industry.
  • 2008 The Pink Lady® apple breaks the 100,000 ton barrier!
  • 2014 Pinkids, the smallest of the Pink Lady® apples, is recognized as “kids’ favorite apple“. Source: Centre Technique Interprofessionnel des Fruits et Légumes (CTIFL) 2014 – France.
  • 2016 Today, over 2,800 growers, 12 nurseries, 14 authorized distributors and thousands of employees continue the Pink Lady® apple adventure in Europe.

Did you know?

Pink Lady® encourages the young generation. Indeed, when taking on new apple growers, priority is given to young farmers who wish to get set up.

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