The Chefs’s testimonies


Icook Restaurant in Mons

What I like about the Pink Lady® apple is obviously its flavor, first of all, as well as a few other little very interesting aspects, such as the way it holds up to cooking, the fact it doesn’t oxidize too quickly after peeling and its juicy texture. At the restaurant, we use it raw sliced in thin strips, as well as in apple sauce alongside duck with licorice, and pickled in a seasoned apple vinegar… a true delight !”


L’Esco Restaurant in Wetteren

Why does L’Esco like to cook with Pink Lady® apples? The Pink Lady® has an intense flavor that lends it an original touch in both cold and hot dishes. It stands out from other apple varieties mainly thanks to its delicate balance between sweetness and tartness. As well, it is a delight not only for the taste buds! With its white flesh and its pinkish-red skin, this refreshing “lady” is sensual, fresh and crisp in the plate. Whether in thin slices, in julienne strips, cut brunoise-style, in chips, candied, cooked or in juice, the Pink Lady® apple brings new color to my dishes!”


Éclair de Génie pastry shop, Paris

It’s a pleasant fruit to work with because it can be used either raw or cooked. The Pink Lady® is very flavorful and can thus make even a very simple dish sublime, turning it into an exclusive creation like the Barlette Pink Lady® Tatin Pie made for Valentine’s Day.”


Auberge Flora hotel and restaurant, Paris

I really enjoyed having the freedom to create recipes with Pink Lady®. I love breaking down raw materials and the Pink Lady® apple is particularly inspiring because you can create all kinds of savoury or sweet dishes with all kinds of textures because it is so aromatic and holds together well during cooking. Jelly, salt, crisps, hot cider…with Pink Lady®, anything is possible!”