The Zen Dinner

What a crazy week! You were running in all directions, meeting after meeting, the time seemed to just disappear - but finally tonight you have an evening to yourself. One theme is playing in your head: the sound of silence. Enjoy the calm after the storm by putting together a Zen Dinner that is guaranteed to relax you.

The plan

The word stress does not exist within the Zen zone. Here, life is all peace and tranquillity. Breathe in …. and breathe out.

The appropriate Zen clothing

Yoga pants, calming colours and comforting textures. Kick off your shoes and pop on big fluffy socks for cosy toes.

The essentials

Essential oils dabbed on the wrists and behind the ears, muted lighting and the telephone switched off.

The atmosphere

Absolute relaxation – it’s all about YOU. After dinner, run a bath and download the Head Space app for a guided meditation programme – your first session of mindfulness only lasts 10 minutes. 10 minutes is all the time you need to clear your mind.


Teardrop, Massive Attack

The Pink Lady® mantra

“Do not count the days, make the days count!”

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