The No Stress Evening at The Office

Your colleagues whisper “Good luck!” encouragingly under their breath as they leave. You are now alone at your desk. For company you just have a mountain of work and the deadline was yesterday. A long evening in the office looms ahead! Don't panic, Pink Lady® has got this covered - we can help you make it through the evening like the star that you are.

The essentials

Operation zero distractions: turn off the phone and say no to social networks. The watchword is efficiency! List your priorities, take breaks, get out for some air, move about, dance to your favourite song if it helps you to stay alert (if you are dancing don’t forget to send us your videos @pinkladyeurope!).

The atmosphere

A well-lit office, music to boost your spirit, windows open (cool air will keep you awake) and lots of positive thoughts!


Don’t stop believin’ to give you a little pick-me-up (check that everybody has left and then turn up the sound …)

The Pink Lady® mantra

“Sleep is for wimps.”

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