The Maximum Energy Sporty Wake-up

You are not working today but your alarm clock still goes off at dawn. Warmer days are returning. Everyone in the house is still asleep, you slip on your exercise gear in silence. You are ready to stretch those old muscles and get a sweat on. You are “the real deal”, and just getting up before everybody else for your training session gives you a 300% boost.

The plan

Start the day like a champion with a healthy snack, a training session, followed by stretches and a good breakfast as a reward.

The appropriate champion’s attire

You could just run in that old t-shirt you never wear any more … or you could treat yourself to new colourful ultra-trendy sportswear that will motivate you to get out there all by itself!

The essentials

Drink lots of water before and after your training session, remember to stretch, and enjoy yourself!

The atmosphere

Choose a place you love, if possible in the great outdoors – we want nature and beautiful views.


The Final Countdown, by Europe to celebrate your fierce performance

The Pink Lady® mantra

“You can make your dreams a reality.”

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