The Happiness Routine

You are late, the baby is screaming, child n°1 does not want to go to school and child n°2 has decided to play hide and seek, baby has just ruined your beloved’s last clean shirt ... stooooooop!!! Mornings of stress and screaming are over. To start the school year, change your habits to create a happiness routine for the family!

The plan

Get up earlier to have an extra hour every day, take the time to enjoy breakfast together calmly and leave for work feeling totally relaxed. Awaken your inner super-woman.

The appropriate attire

Your outfit is ready, your make-up and hair are done, so you just have one more thing to do before heading off – eat breakfast with the family (and find child n°2 who is still playing hide and seek).

The essentials

A morning game for the children: the King of Silence. The first to lose has to clear the table!

The atmosphere

Create a ritual for the team: everyone has to say why they are happy to be awake this morning. It might be the school swimming pool trip, French fries for lunch in the canteen, or your colleague Sophie’s return to work after maternity today. Get creative!


Don’t worry, be happy… because there is nothing better for starting the day.

The Pink Lady® mantra

“The purest pleasure is shared pleasure.”

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