The Chocolate-filled Afternoon

Easter: there is no better excuse for spending the afternoon cooking with the family and getting chocolate all over your fingers! No need to waste all the chocolates the Easter bunny brought. Get the little ones ready for a delicious chocolate-filled afternoon!

The plan

Enjoy spending some time cooking up a storm and making delicious little chocolate treats. After all, chocolate is apparently a great mood-booster (and good for your health: it is excellent for fatigue!).

The appropriate chef’s attire

Yours is a kitchen where style matters when you are cooking! Put on your best aprons and make yourselves paper chef’s hats. Cut two bands of white card, 15cm wide and staple them together to make a paper crown. Slide some tissue paper under the base of the crown, allowing it to puff out of the top to make a great chef’s hat and staple it at the base. That’s all there is to it, chef!

The essentials

Chocolates of any type, creativity, Pink Lady® apples and a camera to take photos of your artistic culinary achievements!

The atmosphere

Cooking is fun! Create a real kitchen workshop and put “Chef” “Sous-Chef” labels on your chef’s hats. Imagine there is a competition for presentation for your creations and the most attractive wins the Chef’s hat!


Sugar, by Maroon 5, so you can shimmy as you cook!

The Pink Lady® mantra

“Chocolate for all, and all for chocolate!”

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