The Bohemian Autumn Picnic

The trees are turning orange, the leaves are dancing in the wind and farmers are busy picking the apples in the orchards. It’s autumn, so why not take advantage of the last few warm days to have a family picnic?

The plan

This year, just saying that the countryside looks magnificent in autumn is not enough, we want to enjoy it as a family! Get out your boots and prepare for adventure as you organise a Bohemian Autumn Picnic.

The appropriate autumn attire

Get into the bohemian mood: copper and orange colours, braided hair, long dresses and scarves floating in the wind … The poets and dreamers in the family are just made for this!

The essentials

A classic chequered table cloth, a wicker picnic basic, large cushions, cosy covers to snuggle under together to get warm and a feeling of joy.

The atmosphere

Today, we choose JOY! Happiness and contentment at the heart of nature. The plan: hide and seek behind the trees, jumping in puddles, kicking through piles of autumn leaves, making tree houses in the woods, playing cards under rugs and so on.


November Rain, by Guns N’ Roses.

The Pink Lady® mantra

“There may not be WiFI in the forest, but we have found an unbelievable connection.”

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