The 100% Happy Lunch Break

The morning was long and productive and it is (finally) time to tuck in. The lunch break is a sacred moment of breathing space in the middle of your working day, and your stomach has been longing for it for hours. What if you made it more than just a meal? Try turning it into a moment of 100% happiness!

The plan

Transform your routine lunch break into a real moment of happiness – life is beautiful!

The appropriate attire

If your schedule allows, slip into more comfortable shoes and go and stretch your legs for half an hour. If there is not enough time for a walk, give your feet a rest for the length of your break by wearing flat shoes!

The essentials

Eating lunch at your desk is forbidden! Find a spot where you feel comfortable and/or where you can really “get away”, perhaps a bench by the water or under a tree in a park.

The atmosphere

Take your mind off things – positive thoughts only! Forget what happened in the office this morning and what is waiting for you this afternoon. Use the time to do what you never have time to do, such as people watching, reading a good book, losing yourself in thought, or discovering Pinterest.


Chou Wasabi by Julien Doré – and all his other songs.

The Pink Lady® mantra

“Take the time to be happy.”

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