Sunday to Yourself

Can you hear the silence? The birds are singing, the light is dancing the sun is peeping through the curtains ... Today, the children are off on a trip so you have the whole day to yourself and you intend to enjoy it.

The plan

Make time stand still for a magical Sunday and treat yourself to a deliciously languid day to yourself.

The (in)appropriate attire

The ultimate Sunday morning luxury: have a bracing shower, pop on a soft dressing gown and snuggle back between the sheets. No make-up and no bother.

The essentials

Take it easy. Forget everything you have to do and learn to take your time (like the Pink Lady®!). Today, put yourself first and live in slow motion: put on a face pack, flip through old photograph albums, watch that favourite film you have seen a thousand times before, and give yourself a manicure.

The atmosphere

Calm is king: no telephone, windows thrown open and essential oils to create an even more relaxing mood.


Glory Box by Portishead, to listen to while stretching in bed.

The Pink Lady® mantra

“Learning to love yourself is the start of a life-long love affair!”

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