Special Monday Blues Snack

The weather is grey, your holidays are a distant memory and the week is only just beginning. Monday Blues are descending fast and the temptation to stay in bed and do nothing all day is overwhelming!

The plan

Turn Monday on its head and make it a day full of sunshine and amazing food.

The appropriate attire

Leave those drab blacks and greys in the wardrobe and opt for a beautiful bright colour to liven up your day.

The essentials

Lightness of heart and meeting every ordeal with a smile. If you decide that the day will be beautiful, it really can be!

The atmosphere

It’s coffee o’clock! Stop work, pour yourself a hot cup of coffee and get out your Special Monday Blues Snack – to eat alone or share with colleagues – and embrace those feelings of cosiness and joy. Positive vibes only!


Young Souls the Broken Back. With this song pumping in your ears you will have all the energy you need to dance joyfully through your day!

The Pink Lady® mantra

“On Monday, smiling is a must.”

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