Local Produce Dinner

You are lucky enough to live in a magnificent country. Instead of dreaming of travel and distant horizons, let us take today to celebrate our roots with 100% local cuisine.

The plan

Give the culture of your country and its local produce pride of place with a 100% Local Produce Dinner.

Appropriate traditional attire

Carry the local theme to its logical conclusion by wearing traditional dress from your region or country. Do not forget to tell your guests what the dress code is!

The essentials

Old vintage posters from your region on the walls, natural tones, a garland of wild flowers on the door and a bouquet on the table. Beauty is simplicity!

The atmosphere

Ask each guest to come with an object that represents where they come from. Put all the objects in a basket. Each person then pulls out an object in turn and guesses where it comes from and who it belongs to. It could be an object, a photo or an ingredient etc.


Come, Jain

The Pink Lady® mantra

“A day without delicious food, is a day without sunshine.”

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