Blowing Out the Candles

How do you make your birthday a success? Balloons, or no balloons? Are you too old for candles? And music, what kind of music should you have? Your birthday is fast approaching and you want to organise the perfect celebration.

The plan

Organise an exceptional birthday party and blow out your candles in style!

The appropriate birthday attire

Your are the queen of the night and should be dressed to impress: be absolutely fabulous and do not forget your crown.

The essentials

Create a party to suit you! Are you a devoted mother, always running after your family? A super-hero birthday theme would suit you because you are a Super-Mum! Always travelling? There’s your theme! It is not just any old birthday party, it is YOUR birthday party!

The atmosphere

Dream up activities and games in tune with the evening: cooking workshops, piñata, dancing, slide shows, karaoke, Guitar Hero contests, name that tune and so on. Let your leadership skills shine! And feel free to ask your guests to prepare surprises – after all, it is your birthday!


Birthday, by The Beatles.

The Pink Lady® mantra

“Do not add years to your life, add life to your years.”

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