After-School with The Little Ones

They say goodbye to their friends, and then search the crowd of parents before their eyes light up: Mummy! The children leap into your arms, and give you your dose of happiness for the day. Why not live life to the full today by enjoying spring and spending some time with your little bundles of love? Head off to the park, the beach or simply to the garden for a family picnic snack.

The plan

Enjoy spending time with the little ones by going for an after-school picnic snack. For even more fun organise the picnic with them the night before. The preparations and the wait will make it all the more magical!

Appropriate holiday attire

Comfortable outfits for sitting happily on the grass and a hat for everyone in case the sun is out.

The essentials

Play a family game of hide and seek, everyone can then describe the 3 best moments of their days and you can enjoy a karaoke competition in the car.

The atmosphere

Happiness is the simple things in life: a little table cloth laid on the ground, good things to eat and sound of the birds singing.


ABC by the Jackson 5 to create that family spirit in the car.

The Pink Lady® mantra

“Never grow up, it is a trap!”

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