A Romantic Date for Lovers

A romantic dinner, a starry sky, longing looks and laughter by the fire .. how long have you dreamed of the perfect evening for two? It is time to take the matter in hand - it is St Valentine's day after all! Tonight, your car will become a carriage. Are you ready for an evening of passion (and delicious food)?

The plan

Take time out at last for a romantic dinner for two, fall in love (again) and show him exactly how awesome you really are (being the perfect woman is exhausting!).

The (in)appropriate attire

It’s time to wear that dress. You know the one – it is brand new, price label still dangling, tucked at back of the wardrobe just waiting for the right occasion. Match it with those chic heels you never dare to wear. Helloooo sexy!

The essentials

Get a babysitter for the little kids, turn off the phones, be irresistible and enjoy the moment. 0% stress, 100% pleasure!

The atmosphere

Get rid of the roses and champagne! Break all the rules and create an atmosphere that really suits you. Take your inspiration from the beach, the snow, or the city and so on to create a mood that stirs up amazing memories … and let the magic come alive.


The way you look tonight by Sinatra – to give your beloved the chance to tell you how much he loves you between the main course and dessert.

The Pink Lady® mantra

“If you are not crazy in love, you are not in love!”

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