The most seductive apple !

Fifteen years ago, one of our producers gave his wife for Saint Valentine’s day a bouquet of flowers embellished with a Pink Lady® apple and a little note: ‘A romantic bite for two’. His wife was amused and charmed. Thus came the idea for a romantic theme… and Pink Lady®, a so very seductive apple, became associated with Saint Valentine's day.

It is one of the three most important dates for us, which include November, when the apple arrives on the shelves, and April, with the long-awaited arrival of spring. What could be more natural than to associate this beautiful, crunchy apple with love? After all it is a unique color, it is glamorous and it has a heart-shaped sticker.
Pink Lady® is so much more than an apple !

Pink Lady® :

Pomme dans l'herbe
  • First of all, it is elegant:

    with its characteristic glow and perfect complexion… It’s good enough to eat !
  • It is sensual:

    with its voluptuous charm, subtle fragrance, delicate and juicy flesh, it is the most glamorous of apples.
  • Finally, it denotes pleasure

    its crunch combined with the subtle aromas of wild strawberries, vanilla, litchi and rose give this fruit a unique and long lasting taste! It is the perfect balance of sweet and slightly tart !

In France

  • 77% of consumers find Pink Lady® tastier than other apples.
  • 71% of consumers find it crunchier.
  • 73% of consumers think Pink Lady® has a unique and recognizable taste.

Study Shopper France – January 2009

In Italy

  • 93% of consumers find it crunchier than other apples.
  • 94% of consumers find it tastier than other apples.
  • 97% of consumers think it’s an apple of very high quality.
  • 88% of consumers think it’s juicier than other apples.

Study: Shopper Italy – March 2011

In Spain

  • 79% of consumers think it is an apple of great quality and taste.
  • 65% think it’s crunchier, juicier and tastier than other apples.

Study: Shopper Spain  March 2010




healthy body
and mind


In addition to its great taste, Pink Lady® has great nutritional qualities. It is bursting with energy: 


  • Vitamin C, for a healthy appearance ! An apple provides ¼ of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C (it contains 4% vitamins and minerals).
  • Antioxydants for a younger and fresher complexion.  Polyphenols reduce the oxidation that causes our cells to age; they also reduce the permeability of blood vessels, protecting both the heart and the skin.
  • Water ! Pink Lady® apples are 80% water which means they help to eliminate toxins.
  • Fibre to aid digestion. Pectin, one of the fibres found in the apple, helps to regulate bowel movements and improve your intestinal flora.
  • A tip

    Do not peel the fruit, just rinse it. Almost 50% of the vitamin C is in the skin.

  • A smart idea

    Chew well! Digestive juices are a natural appetite suppressant.

  • Did you know

    Pink Lady is 10% carbohydrate; with more fructose than the average apple, it provides 54Kcal/ 100g.

The Pink Lady® attitude

Pommes dans un paddock

Store them well

Pink Lady® apples are fragile. Handle them with care and you can keep them at room temperature for 8 to 15 days, or store them for longer periods in the refrigerator. Remember, it is advisable to remove the apple from the refrigerator one hour before eating to allow its flavors to emerge!

How to recognize a Pink lady apple.

The pink sticker makes it possible to identify a Pink Lady® apple immediately. It is a guarantee of its authenticity and consistent quality throughout the year.
To our regular customers, the heart shape symbolizes delicacy, elegance and sensuality.

Straight from
the orchards